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Holiday Craze - Unisex Gift Guide

With the holidays in full swing, it can be pressuring to check off everyone on the list. 

"Something we often get asked is if our products work for men, and the short answer is yes! absolutely," says our Founder and Formulator, Gabriela.

With so many products on the market, and the indie beauty brands taking over store shelves, it can be difficult to know where to spend your bucks. This season, we rounded up our 3 top items for both women and men to help guide your gift giving to success.

Midnight Moon Oil

So much antioxidant and vitamin power packed into one bottle. This is a go-to face elixir for many who struggle with feeling greasy skin after using face oils or irritation to the eyes when using a night time oil. This soft fusion of golden jojoba, chia seed oil, and sea buckthorn to name a few, is gentle in soothing irritation and serves as a deep anti-inflammatory vitamin blend.


Bloom Body Milk

Bloom is an original formula to the Mint n Coco brand and made its reappearance this past fall after popular demand. Why is this body milk so popular? For one, it has a highly anti-inflammatory ingredient panel of natural botanicals grown in our very own permaculture gardens. Soothing slippery elm and marshmallow root blend to make a skin healing, itch stopping body lotion that can't be beat. Its fans are young and older alike, and it retails for just $20 in light orange flower scent!


Blueberry Bomb Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Mask - 

Just what your sister, mom, brother, or friend is looking to add to their masking collection. We love a good mask and this little powerhouse of antioxidants is perfect for colder weather needs. Light weight in consistency and made to bind moisture in, this hyaluronic acid moisture mask is sure to be the bomb.

Launching Dec 17th!