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Is it really a clean formula?

With the recent “revolution” on body care, both in terms of organic foods and organic personal care, it can be difficult to decipher what brands are really offering. ”Luckily, consumers are getting smart and really educating themselves,” says our assistant esthetician, Olivia. 

Whether it’s to look for certain descriptions on the labels and packaging or to get educated on what certain ingredients actually are, it can sometimes be overwhelming. 

”I always suggest a rule of thumb to our customers: don’t just trust words like “paraben-free,” or “no artificial fragrance,” to make it a clean formula. All that is good and fine but what ELSE does the product contain? If you’re getting a paraben-free cream that also has some hidden bs ingredients, then you’re not really getting a clean formula. Not to mention that a formula doesn't need to be completely paraben free in order to be safe. It really is about formula, measures, and which specific types of preservatives are being used. Just try to be mindful and really look at what else is in there,” says formulator, Gabriela.

It starts with awareness and trying not to fall for something just because it is free of one toxic ingredient or has amazing packaging (we know it’s hard!) See those formulas through!