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What is your skin and body really up to while you're sleeping?

Just like the rest of our organs and tissues in the body, nighttime is equal to repair time. Overnight our body undergoes a renewal process. Cells work to restore and our skin is no stranger to the same process.

Cellular regeneration and hydration is a process that can still occur even, and especially, while asleep. That is why it is important to select pure, natural ingredients to allow for the skin to absorb nutrients and regenerate while your body does its repairs, otherwise every toxin load you may have lathered yourself in earlier in the day, will be working its way through your body during the hours in which your body should be refueling and renewing.  Over time, just like with poor nutrition, this load up on your body will begin to tire your cells that are constantly in "cleanse out" mode.

Your body is amazing at healing and working to repair itself, so be sure to use proper treatments, such as our  Midnight Moon oil to really help create moisture balance in your skin for a healthy, rested look and feel.