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The Green Wellness Space: Who is Missing Out and How Can it Be Helped? An Interview with Elizabeth Velazquez

{Spanish edition available in print soon!}

It is no secret that the green health and beauty movement is taking over by storm - from organic foods to green cleaning products, and all the way to the personal care items we use daily. As we started Mint n Coco, we wanted to make sure we helped people have access to the kinds of care products they needed. As we strive to make that a reality, we dug into some research: Who is really receiving the information and how can we help to bring more access to these items? This month, we also got a chance to ask Liz Velazquez, one of green living's most vocal latina bloggers, about just that.


How would you describe yourself and your clean living lifestyle?

I think I would describe myself as a clean living person that goes by an 80/20 rule. I can definitely say I am not even close to being where I want to be. I still buy conventional products because frankly, my budget keeps me in check. We as a family have one more important goal that we ultimately are saving our money for.

What began your interest in green health and beauty?

Although my blog consists mostly of green beauty topics, I’m actually a stylist since my senior year out of high school. I think even then I was always interested in DIY skincare, but I got very curious about green living when I was pregnant with Aaron in 2012. I remember spending my nights reading blogs about natural pregnancy and an organic lifestyle while my husband slept. I was a stay at home mom back then. It was then that I started learning about all the harmful chemicals that can be put in our products.  Being that I wanted the safest items for my son, this was when I really dove into researching everything that we bought. 

 How do you think the Hispanic community currently sees the green wellness industry?

Expensive and undereducated to be honest. It’s sad, but I think our community doesn’t have enough correct information available. I think our community has caught on to the idea that green living is better for us and the planet, but we lack resources. This is why I decided to brand myself as a bilingual blogger. I want people and loved ones to be able to read what I post on my blog or Instagram account whether they speak either language. I always encourage fellow Latina bloggers to do the same, though it does take extra time and effort.

 What are some ways others can help bring awareness to the Hispanic community about eating organic foods or using natural products?

By word of mouth…it seems like it’s the simplest most effective way to share awareness. It really works. I mean, if we, as the first generation from immigrant parents share with them why we choose to buy certain products, they start being curious. I know it definitely works because I have slowly been influencing my parents into switching some of their products. Also, using your platform to share is important even if you are not a blogger. Whatever you post on social media is a form of advertisement if you really think about it. Try to share why you are using that product. How many popular coffee cups or lipsticks do you see in your feed daily? That’s advertisement! 


Do you feel the Hispanic population is under represented in the green health and beauty industries?

I do! We are definitely under represented in many areas, but green lifestyle is a big one. This is why I decided to share my journey with my blog and IG . So many people get flat out lied to and I hate that! Do they think we cannot educate ourselves on these topics? But I’m glad I have slowly seen a green beauty Latina community grow that share my same passions. I feel like I finally have someone to relate to.


How can you, as a parent, help your children to continue on this healthier path?

Kids literally follow the steps we as parents take. I can tell that Aaron, my oldest son, has caught up to what I like. If they see you making better choices, they will follow. Whenever I give him something to use, he asks, “esto es orgánico o qué? (“is this organic?")  or if he’s being introduced to a new product he’s like “hay mami tu y tu orgánico. “ I can’t help but laugh because he knows what mamá likes. 


What do you most hope to see change towards the Hispanic population and living greener lifestyles?

More, well actually we need Marketing in Spanish! Businesses in the green space need to be collaborating more with Latina influencers to help spread to the Latinos in their language. We are a majority in this country whether they like it or not. Our dollars have a huge impact on consumerism. 


Elizabeth is a mother of two, currently living in Dallas, TX . Between juggling mom life, work, and freelancing as a stylist, she shares her journey into green beauty and living, which is her passion. You can find her influencing on her platforms in both Spanish and English in hopes to educate other Latinas about the journey she is experiencing. You can find Elizabeth at www.habitosnaturales.com and on instagram @habitosnaturales.