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Who Makes Your Products? Our Process at MnC

Just like you might not want a health procedure done by an unlicensed professional, you might be curious as to where your products are made and by whom, with good reason. With all the sprouting up of body care and green beauty brands, it can be difficult to know what is at work behind the scenes. Well, we desire to be transparent and today we want to share a bit about our process.

Our ingredients are uniquely sourced after research and testing. Without getting into the boring details, this type of research allows for us to understand exactly why we're using a certain ingredient, what all the benefits are, and how they synergistically work with other ingredients in our formulas. We also research any bioactives (the stuff that gets the job done even more!) carefully and strategically based on what outcome we want to achieve in the product.

The ingredients are extensively vetted, only working with farmers, distilleries, or labs who use the highest GMP practices and use sustainable practices in their growth. Once a product is formulated by our Founder, Gabriela,, we produce at one of our two certified urban distilleries, where our formulator and chemist work on getting the formula just right. We work to get the exact quantities and blends required. Once the formula and ingredients are extracted properly, it is time to bottle them up!

All materials used to package are glass, uv protected sealed jars or bottles. This helps preserve the ingredients to their best efficacy. Once packaged and labeled, these products are kept in small batches on our store shelves for sale in order to prevent spoiling or loss of product. Then we start the process over as they roll on off the shelves!

We make sure to provide sound research, top quality ingredients, careful formulation, and care for our products. We hope you find the craftsmanship enjoyable and helpful to learn about for your body care journey!