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Why Drinking Water Falls Short in Moisturizing Your Skin

It's been a nice narrative to buy into - that drinking water can actually replenish moisture in our skin, but "moisturizing skin is a bit more complex than that," says our formulator and researcher, Gabriela Yvonne. 

Ingesting water goes through a process inside the body. It doesn't just enter the body and go straight to the skin cells. The water goes through the intestines, enters the bloodstream, and gets filtered out while hydrating your cells. It doesn't exactly moisturize your skin.

What is a nice way to replenish moisture? 

"I recommend two main things to keep skin at its best. Avoid depleting environmental stressors when you can, such as excess sun exposure, extreme dry heat, alcohol, and harsh soaps. The second is to really use something with quality ingredients as a moisturizer. Look for natural emollients, fatty acids, natural rich oils or plant based oils like marshmallow root, calendula, comfrey, foraha oil, to name a few. Not only to look for those, but also to avoid mineral oils, parfum, carbomer, among others. Many of the natural ingredients are wonderful for stopping itching whereas the avoid list can create all sorts of irritation as well as not being healthy to use."

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