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1. What kind of ingredients will we find in your formulas and where are your products made?

All formulas are made with high quality, organic & wildcrafted, active ingredients. We source from the highest quality farms and distilleries who use GMP and sustainable practices and never test on animals. Many of our botanicals are grown and wildcrafted directly in a permaculture garden and we manufacture our products small batch at our 2 urban studio and facility locations.

Our formulas : contain no synthetic fragrances. We desire to be transparent.

2. What makes Mint n Coco's formulas different?

We are fortunate that with a science, research, and healthcare background, we have access to some wonderful ingredients, specially formulated for our line. Keeping in line with our mission, we work hard to stay up to date on the latest, sound research in integrative health and pass this onto our developing formulas. We simplify the process of great body care for you.

3. Does heat affect my product? Is it still good for use?

With the heat in some places, please be aware there is a small chance your product may show up softened. We package as carefully as possible and use bottling that helps protect our special ingredients, so your product is not affected. If any settling should occur, please leave your product out in a cool space before use.

4. Do you have suggestions on how to store the products?

We recommend any creams or botanical formulations be stored in a dark and cool, dry place. We also recommend using your natural product within 9 months for best use.

5. Why is your shipping packing more minimal and simple?

We like to do what we can to minimize excess use of packaging materials, especially plastics or glitters, as they are hazardous to the environment. The health and beauty industry contributes to 1/3 of all landfill waste. You will find that we package with care for our product, but also with care for our planet.