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As a young high school student, Gabriela quickly became interested in the sciences: particularly cell biology, chemistry and psychology, and decided to pursue them in college. She attended the University of North Texas where she was a member of the health research team, assisting with assessments or conducting research on the latest medical updates. 

She first began researching ingredients after growing ill and wanting to find healthier options for herself in terms of personal care and everyday products. She spent several years during her health journey participating in research panels via virtual conferences and later went on to receive recognition for her work.  As she grew to know every detail and ounce of her selected ingredients, she became fascinated with formulating body and skin care that she could not only feel good about using, but share with others. She worked as an educator for a nationally recognized brand before launching her own brand, Mint n Coco. 

Gabriela developed a passion for creating formulas that are interesting, multi-purpose, versatile, and effective. Gabriela feels her own personal taste for an edgy aesthetic influenced the brand's style and she has grown to share her formulas with a base of loyal customers around the world.