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Our Story

Mint n Coco Inc has one simple idea - transparency. After years in the healthcare industry, including mental health, Founder Gabriela Yvonne noticed a pattern in many of her clients' health issues and how they treated their bodies; from nutrition to personal care products. Between thyroid issues, depression, cancer, and eczema, it became apparent that many disrupting chemicals were right there in our everyday products.

As clients sought affordable natural care products, they were often disappointed to find that some of the body care companies added ingredients to their formulas that didn't require mention on the label, that these options were entirely unaffordable, or that ethics had to be compromised.

With the recent growth in biodynamic sciences, our science based research background, and the motivation to help others live at their best, Mint n Coco was formed. 

Having experienced a difficult health struggle of her own, health practitioner Gabriela and world-renowned chemist Dr. Robert, set out to source some of the highest quality natural ingredients in the world to create body care products that don't just provide an aesthetic benefit, but that truly heal. Made with nature and backed by science, Mint n Coco's unique, biodiverse ingredients are exceptionally crafted and produced with great care for people + planet.  By gaining access to exclusive ingredients that work to keep the body healthy, and only working with farmers using sustainable practices, the Mint n Coco brand brings you a real alternative to taking care of your body.